South Jersey All Breeds Horse Rescue
We are a 501c3 Non-profit
TAX ID: 27-1993387

​​Our Mission​​

South Jersey Horse Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit horse rescue and rehabilitation facility.  Our mission is to provide a loving sanctuary to abandoned, neglected, abused and slaughter bound horses. 
We evaluate and rehabilitate when needed and then re-home the horses we rescue.  We do have some permanent residents, but strive to adopt out as many animals as possible to loving forever homes.  We are 100% volunteer run and operate solely on donations.
Donations pay for food, medicine and veterinary services.  We also use donations to buy horses at auction that would otherwise be sold to "killbrokers", people who buy horses to sell them for meat to people in Mexico and Canada, where horse slaughter is legal.  About 90% of the horses that go through the slaughter lot are in perfect health. 

 Our interview with Karen Rogers                                 View TV40 coverage when

 on the 6 ABC - Shelter Me Segment                             we first opened our rescue 
 in September 2017


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South Jersey Horse Rescue
5745 Pleasant Mill Road
Weekstown, NJ 08215
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